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Lisa Schouw has danced with The New Zealand Dance Centre, sung for Australian band Girl Overboard, worked as a researcher, writer and associate producer for television, taught at NIDA and Actors Centre Australia.

Chrissie Koltai has choreographed, directed and devised for musical theatre, opera, film, television and dance in Australia for the last 30 years. She was co-founder and producer of the Dance Collections. Her most recent work includes: "Life, Love, Death and the Weather" at the Performance Space both as director and co-creator, and as director of "Frenzy" at The Wharf Theatre, Sydney.

Peter Bailey has been a professional musician for 23 years working extensively in the recording studio as composer, arranger and producer. He has also performed in numerous productions including the highly acclaimed 1996 Mardi Gras Arts Festival's "Elegies" and the 1999 B Sharp season show "Cuore" with Gina Zoia.





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